DAF XG - Ideal for longer journeys

The new generation XG will astonish you. From the extremely comfortable cabin to outstanding fuel efficiency. It is a delight to drive, and incredibly spacious for relaxation and sleep. Add an enlarged direct view for increased safety, and you will experience a whole new league of trucks.


  • Superior comfort. Ideal for longer trips and international transport.
  • The best fuel economy on the market, thanks to low air resistance and an extremely efficient driveline.
  • Ergonomic relaxation bed with mattress.
  • An extra side window in the passenger door for better visibility and better safety.
  • LED technology for all lighting.

In a class of its own, 2 690 mm cabin length, 2 025 – 2 075 mm standing height. 11.85 m³ cabin volume.

We like to take responsibility

We like to take responsibility

Buying a DAF is a significant investment, and it is important to feel secure and confident in your choice of supplier. At Scanvo, we are aware of the importance of offering our customers a high level of security and service when you purchase a DAF truck from us.

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